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Now the time has come! In a few days we will celebrate the loveliest celebration of love in the entire annual calendar. Eternal love is celebrated on Valentine's Day, so everything related to the topic is up to date and is the focus of our attention. On our website you can find great ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day, from festive decorations for your February 14th party or a candlelit dinner for two at home, to romantic gift ideas for him and her, to Valentine's Day menus. We give you clever tips for spending a great and unforgettable party with your loved one. Today we want to take a special look at the gift ideas for Valentine's Day. In this article we will show you 3 plants that bring happiness and love into the house. These are even considered real lucky charms among indoor plants. They can also make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

For Valentine's Day, you can give your loved one a houseplant that promises her all the happiness in the world.

  • Are there even lucky charms among indoor plants?

Pessimists always ask themselves this question. But our answer to that is: Yes! There are such plants that can bring personal happiness to your home. On the one hand, they have a special symbolic power, like the lucky clover, for example. This is compared to a lucky penny, lucky pig, horseshoe, ladybug or chimney keeper.

On the other hand, according to the Feng Shui teachings, the typical lucky charms among indoor plants have a strong effect on our prosperity, on our love relationships and personal happiness. They promote positive energy within your own four walls and in this way increase your well-being. They have a calming effect on soul and body and let you begin a new, happier phase of life.

The lucky clover is a real lucky charm! Its four leaves have been a symbol of luck since the Middle Ages.

  • What are the lucky charms among indoor plants?

The ones presented below Houseplants are not just beautiful decorations at home, they are able to affect our energy levels, keep them high and improve our mood. Here are our three favorites that will bring happiness and love to your home.

The bright red blossom of the flamingo flower is very attractive.

  1. Flamingo flower (Anthurium)

The flamingo flower or anthurium (scientific name Anthurum) is also known as sulfur or candytuft. Behind all these names is an attractive tropical plant that belongs to the maple family. Between 800 and 1000 species are currently known. They all boast a beautiful flower, usually colored bright red. But there are species with a white or pink bract that protrudes over the bright green leaves. Depending on the variety, the flamingo flower can grow 30 to 80 cm high. She does not like direct sun, but high humidity in the room. Choose a bright location for the anthurium, where it is protected from drafts and it will delight you with its eye-catching flowers almost all year round.

The anthurium or flamingo flower symbolizes male power, bravery and passion.

The flamingo flower is popularly known as "men's happiness" and is often given to men on various occasions. The flower is supposed to symbolize bravery, passion and freedom, i.e. everything that men actually like. It is also accepted as a symbol of passionate love and new life.

The single leaf impresses with its fine white blossom.

  1. Flat (Spathiphyllum)

The single leaf (Spathiphyllum), like the anthurium, originally comes from the tropical regions of South America and is known under the names sheath leaf, leaf flag or peace lily. The flower looks extremely elegant with its long-stalked, bulbous bloom. About 50 different types of Spathiphyllum are known, all of which are real eye-catchers in the room. This houseplant prefers a semi-sunny location and moist room air, without direct sun. In winter, the room temperature must not fall below 16 degrees, in summer it must not rise above 25 degrees C. The single leaf is believed to be a magical flower. It is still called "women's happiness" and is said to bring true love happiness to women. In the vernacular has therefore still another designation for these Houseplant established, it is called "life-changing flower".

The green lily brings a fresh touch to the ambience and is also considered a lucky charm.

3: Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is very popular across the country. This is a hardy, undemanding and easy-care houseplant that will decorate almost every house and garden. And that's right, because the spider plant is said to have properties that many other green plants lack. She should bring love into the house and support family happiness. Spider plants are often given to childless couples who want children. It is believed that this houseplant brings good luck into the house. It brings mutual understanding and harmony into family relationships, which are the basis for a happy life.

Red is the color of love. Give your loved one a hibiscus with beautiful red flowers for Valentine's Day!

  • Other indoor plants as lucky charms

In addition to the three houseplants shown above, there are others that are believed to be real good luck charms. These are not only attractive, but also have a very positive effect on our emotions and help us to find new happiness, we alth and a long family life. Here we continue the list of real lucky charms among house plants and hope that you will find your personal favorite among them.

The wax flower (hoya) is a beautiful gift for Valentine's Day. The flower must be in the bedroom and bring true happiness to the couple in love.

Where violets grow and bloom beautifully, there is no family quarrel.

The lucky clover or also called four-leaf sorrel brings love and luck straight into the house.

According to an old legend, the money tree is said to bring we alth to its owner.

Its small green leaves are heart-shaped and symbolize love.

The calathea or the basket marante is an easy-care houseplant

… and is also considered to be genuine Lucky charm.

Myrtle, also known as bridal myrtle, is often given to newlywed couples and wishes them good luck and a long family life!

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