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Let's be honest: sloping ceilings don't usually arouse great fascination! Especially when there is a kitchen to be designed there… But can a kitchen with a sloping ceiling be functional and inviting? The answer to this question is self-evident from the examples below… Our photo gallery is real proof that you can set up a modern and cozy kitchen even with sloping ceilings in the cooking area!

The furnishing of attic rooms creates a certain amount of uncertainty at first glance, but you have to be creative! Here, too, you can design a homely kitchen, but you should pay attention to a number of details. Just let yourself be inspired!

The wooden elements give the modern kitchen a rustic look

Choose the right pieces of furniture for your kitchen with sloping ceilings

The most important thing when setting up the attic is the preliminary planning. This applies with full force, especially when it comes to the selection and placement of the furniture. Because only the right pieces of furniture ensure a pleasant living comfort in a sloping roof kitchen. Of course, you can't do without the functionality here either.

The limited space requires custom-made furniture. This is how you design an individual room with its own character and strong individuality.

Wall shelves that can be tilted are a wonderful solution here, as are deep and wide kitchen base cabinets. However, you have to make optimal use of the limited storage space! Storage space under the dining table, kitchen island with lots of storage space: These are always suitable functional ideas for more order in the kitchen under the roof. If you want to place furniture exactly under the slope of the roof, you should definitely consider low furniture. Cupboards of different heights could also be combined depending on the opportunity. Also use the free space in the middle of the room and consider a kitchen island. So no space is lost! The depth and height of the worktop must also be carefully calculated if it has to be integrated under the sloping roof. It's very important that you don't have to bend down and that you feel comfortable in your kitchen.

Every piece of furniture should have a functional application

Also consider reducing odor pollution. You have a few options for the hood to choose from. A fume cupboard above the cooking area is the best solution here. In many cases, the skylight replaces the hood.

Illuminated kitchen island and modern hanging lamps

Creating a beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen with a sloping roof

Living under the roof certainly has some disadvantages, but also many pluses! The roof space undoubtedly offers the opportunity to create an extraordinary interior with a specific sense of space. The right lighting is very important here. Attic rooms are not illuminated like the other rooms. Daylight is limited here and care should be taken to ensure optimal lighting. As a space where lighting plays an important role anyway, you have to think about functionality. Recessed halogen spotlights and battery powered LED light bars are a good solution here.

Create a cozy dining area under the sloping roof

Cover the sloping roof with wood

Combine simple colors and create a stylish atmosphere

Be creative and design your dream kitchen under the roof! Set captivating color accents and decorate with beautiful accessories! Transform the simple attic into a homely kitchen!

The modern kitchen under the roof looks bright and inviting!

Soft colors look great in combination with wood!

Transform the sloping roof into the eye-catcher of the kitchen

Benefit from the sloping roof…

Choose the brightest place in the room for the dining area

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