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The tattoos with writings are some of the most popular and loved tattoos in the last couple of years because of the simple appearance. You express your thoughts and feelings, thereby showing your understanding of what is happening in this world. The choice of font is entirely up to you. Currently, the writings in Chinese, Japanese, Jewish are very popular and up-to-date. When you make your decision and visit a tattoo parlor, the tattoo artist will offer you a catalog full of fonts so you can choose the best one for yourself. He will still help you choose the appropriate body part and font orientation. The tattoo artist will show you the method he will use to apply the tattoo and how long it will take for your skin to heal. Take care of it yourself!

In the post: 3 tattoo care instructions for the perfect follow-up care you will find important tips and tricks for faster healing after tattooing.

Find the right font for your tattoo

The selection of tattoo fonts is indeed so huge that it is easy to lose track. Fortunately, some online portals, the so-called font generators, have specialized in generating tattoo fonts. You can easily test different fonts for tattoos on the Internet and design the perfect font for your next tattoo yourself. With tattoo font generators like this, you can set the font, size and color with just a few clicks and if you are satisfied with the result, you can download the template, print it out and show it to your trusted tattoo artist. Couldn't be easier!

The infinity sign is very often combined with tattoo writings

Well, the most important thing is the actual saying or word that you want to get stuck under your skin. Because if it is a permanent tattoo, you should accept that it will remain on your body for life, as long as you do not remove or overdraw it. Which is again associated with costs and pain.

So the is no less important Body part of the tattoo itself. Depending on your lifestyle and work sector, you should think carefully in advance which parts of the body are suitable for a tattoo and which are perhaps taboo. In most cases, open areas are not recommended for a tattoo - face, neck, legs or hands. Similar to piercing, however, the decision is only yours and only you then bear the responsibility and the consequences.

The inside of the forearm is therefore very often chosen as a tattoo spot

Which tattoo fonts are available to you

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts that could be used in a tattoo. But mainly these are shared in some fonts. The four most popular and trending of these are - calligraphy, block letters, hand lettering and the lately popular heartbeat lettering. Depending on your taste, body parts and length of the saying, these fonts are suitable for every type of tattoo. Font choices are also quite often gender biased. A filigree, curved handwriting, compared to printed block letters, simply fits a lot better on a delicate woman's shoulder or wrist than on a muscular man's chest. So, before actually getting a tattoo, try out different variations and play around with where you really want the tattoo to be.

The hip heartbeat font

Some particularly popular areas of the body for fine tattoos on women are, for example, the spine or the two sides of the ribs as well as the area behind the ear. Men, on the other hand, prefer upper or lower arms as well as larger tattoo writings on the chest or back.

Hot trends in tattoos with writings

A popular tattoo trend for several years has been to have the names of one's own children or loved ones engraved on the back of the forearm. Men often do it with larger blackwork calligraphy letters and women with more delicate handwriting. Tattoo fonts can also be perfectly combined with different motifs, such as feathers, hearts, swallows, etc.

White tattoos are quite the trend these days, as are black light ink tattoos. These, along with the watercolor tattoos, are just dazzling for lettering too.

Watercolor tattoos are particularly popular this season

Find the perfect idea for your tattoo with writing and have it done by an experienced tattoo artist. Your life motto, an ancient wisdom, an affirmative saying or a name - this is really up to you.

Let yourself be inspired by our picture gallery and if possible, try a non-permanent tattoo first.

Have fun looking and choosing! We keep our fingers crossed for you.

Ankles are preferred for tattoos by both women and men

The feet themselves are just as popular for the tattoos

Delicate writing and delicate flower in one

Spine tattoos are definitely one of the most popular trends of all

Megan Fox prefers tattoo writings on her back

And what is your desired tattoo spot?

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