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Are you also obsessed with travel and adventure? Do you always feel a strong wanderlust? Then these fancy wanderlust tattoo ideas are just right for you. Many studies show that tattoos have a strong psychological effect on their wearer and in many cases can alleviate their mental problems quite a bit. It is not for nothing that many people get a tattoo when they are heartbroken or have a new love. Good friends or siblings also like to get tattoos in a partner look. Symbols and bold lettering are some of the most popular tattoos out there, but many also favor names and important dates.

Wanderlust tattoo ideas with lettering

Very small and minimalistic tattoos have been very trendy for some time now. The ladies in particular really appreciate them. But also many men who do not want to be stung so extensively prefer the mini tattoo variant. However, thicker lettering is then recommended, for example with printed letters or stronger characters that look a bit masculine. But the most important thing is: whatever you like is allowed.

Original Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas with Entry and Exit Stamps

The tattooed area is of course also of fundamental importance and everyone should think very carefully in advance where exactly the tattoo has to go. What kind of lifestyle do I have? How about my work? These are some of the top questions that can best help you determine the location of your tattoos.

Maybe these should be a little more hidden and only shown when you're on vacation or going out in private. Everyone must know best for themselves.

It is one of the most popular tattoo spots for Wanderlust tattoo lettering

A fine Wanderlust lettering is great for many women on the inside or outside of the foot. However, many prefer to have it pierced on the forearm or wrist. Of course, there are also very unconventional parts of the body for this, such as behind the ear or on the finger. There are only a few limits to your own imagination.

Watercolor and 3D motifs also for wanderlust tattoos

When it comes to wanderlust and wanderlust, the most used symbols and motifs are anchors, compasses, birds or a globe. But entire world maps, mountains or boats are among the most popular tattoo ideas for adventurers. Sleeve or back tattoos in 3D optics are also chosen by many Wanderlust Tattoo fans. And the relatively new trend of watercolor tattoos fits the theme perfectly too. This is how a world map with colorful blurry hues looks just cool on the forearm. Or do you prefer an original compass with a watercolor look on the back? No problem for experienced tattoo artists.

You can also add a great saying

Check out all the other Wanderlust tattoo ideas from our picture gallery and let them inspire you. Maybe you will find your next tattoo here of all places. You can simply show them to your tattoo artist and make the best decision together. Good tattoo artists will not only inform you in detail about the correct care of your tattoo, but also help you to find the best part of your body for it.

Have fun and good luck!

3 D wanderlust tattoo with compass and stamps

World maps and compasses in a watercolor look

Incredibly cool lettering

Minimalist Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

There is just the right thing for everyone!

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