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Tattoo wrist designs are making a comeback. Increasingly, some celebrities are even opting for small tattoos, of all things on this part of the body. The inside of the wrist is quite popular because it somewhat allows for hiding the tattoo with jewelry or a watch if needed. But tattoos on the side of the wrist also look pretty cool and at the same time are not that flashy. Recently, tattoos on the back of the hand have also become quite popular and although this spot is much more open to the eyes of others, many tattoo fans are taking the plunge.

Mini tattoos are very trendy

Are you thinking about getting a small tattoo on your wrist? Well, then today we have put together 90 great tattoo wrist ideas for you. Discreet, original and multifaceted - there is definitely something for everyone.

Fine Tattoo Wrist Ideas

Minimalist tattoos with fine lines are more and more preferred by both women and men. Despite the size, the selection of motifs is surprisingly extensive. Many of them have a specific meaning or can be freely interpreted. Others are lettering that reflect important wisdom or quotations.

And still others are so tiny and hardly noticeable, but contain a mission or a message that only the enlightened can recognize. This is the case, for example, with the semicolon and the three-dot tattoo.

Filigree characters as wrist tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo directly on the artery or on any other part of the body has also been gaining in popularity lately. It is a delicate tattoo that is a sign of life energy and movement. Of course, everyone can also have their own interpretation of it, depending on life experience and worldview.

Faith Hope Love Heartbeat Tattoo Interpretation

What do semicolon tattoos actually mean?

The small semicolon tattoos were created by the so-called "Semicolon Project" and are considered a symbol of joie de vivre and more confidence in life. The non-profit project aims to support those who are at risk of suicide and give them hope to continue living. The clear message of the semicolon: This character comes at the end of a sentence that could be ended by the author. However, the author decided not to do it. Just as one should do with one's life.

Combine semicolon tattoo wrist with a heart

Dotwork: How is this trend tattoo technique done?

This tattoo trend or more precisely method is currently preferred by many tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. Mandalas in particular, but also graphic patterns, come into their own with this piercing method. Dotwork is relatively time consuming and is specially learned by tattoo artists and often done by hand. In black, gray or even red, great tattoo motifs can be transferred to the skin, where true works of art are created from numerous points. Simply beautiful!

Dotwork Wrist Tattoo Design to Admire

No matter which tattoo wrist motif or piercing method you choose, find out well in advance. What about the cost, pain and maintenance of the tattoo? Carefully select the exact body location for your tattoo and discuss further details with your chosen tattoo artist.

Have fun and good luck!

Delicate Jewelry Wrist Tattoo

It can also be made more colorful

Or also very minimalistic in dotwork

Ethnic motifs are among the most popular tattoos, also on the wrist

Spiritual signs and symbols have been trending for a long time

The lotus flower is a popular classic among them

In principle, Indian motifs are often preferred as tattoos

Among these, the elephant is particularly appreciated

The sun is another popular tattoo motif

Wrist tattoos with a Far Eastern flavor have it all

Religious signs are engraved by believers or just because

Flowers continue to be a topic in their own right

Colorful watercolor tattoos continue to be favored by many

It's the same with 3D tattoos

Hearts and diamonds are timeless tattoos

The crescent moon tattoo is seen quite often especially on the wrist

Tiny crescent moon tattoos are often popular as friendship tattoos among women

Different fonts and life mottos look pretty cool on the wrist

Classics like anchor, compass, wolf and dream catcher tattoo are always at your disposal Disposal

When it comes to tattoo wrist ideas, there are no limits to creativity

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