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Every modern woman has a long-cherished desire when it comes to home furnishings, and that is most definitely a walk-in closet. Now you're probably thinking, yes, well, that's a wonderful idea, but a walk-in closet is more the epitome of luxury. Another group of readers would certainly have a completely different opinion and say yes, that's a clever solution. A walk-in closet is a practical solution for clothing storage at home and is considered a storage miracle. We agree with both groups, because such a closet is actually a luxurious piece of furniture that saves you space, offers new storage space and at the same time ensures perfect order at home and a good overview of clothes and accessories. To illustrate our opinion, we have selected 25 of the best designer walk-in closets and presented them in our picture gallery. Here you can definitely draw new inspiration for your practical and somewhat luxurious interior.

With a walk-in closet you will definitely bring a touch of luxury into your own four walls.

  • A walk-in closet has many advantages

Every fashion-conscious woman likes to go shopping and has a bunch of chic things to wear at home. Blouses made of the finest silk for official events, trousers and skirts in a trendy cut, shoes with and without high heels and a matching scarf for every everyday outfit.

The problem in most cases is their storage, so that the clothes are always stored without creasing. Also, you don't want to waste time trying to find a specific piece. A walk-in closet is the perfect solution for this if you have enough space in your home. Then you can afford such a cabinet and solve many problems at once.

Well lit, equipped with a stool and mirror, this walk-in closet looks very elegant.

You can easily look around the walk-in closet and find the most suitable outfit for everyone find occasion. In addition to the perfect order of clothes in the closet, you also have drawers and compartments where you can store underwear and jewellery. The same principle applies here as with clothing - create the best possible order and have a good overview at all times. Then there is no confusion, which saves you a lot of time and nerves. In addition, a walk-in closet offers excellent opportunities to organize and properly store your numerous pairs of shoes. You can arrange these according to the occasion or season. Usually in such a closet there is also a comfortable seat, for example a stool or a bench, where you can put on your shoes or boots in peace. A mirror is simply a must there, because everyone wants to take a look in the mirror before leaving the apartment.

A large chest of drawers with many drawers and compartments and a few baskets by the way ensure you have a lot of additional storage space.

A walk-in closet is the realm of every modern woman.

But that can also be your husband's very personal territory.

  • A chic walk-in closet is not just for women

Modern men are just as keen on an elegant and flawless appearance as women are these days. This is why they can benefit a lot from a walk-in closet. That would be the best place for trendy men's clothing. Perfectly ironed shirts and trousers hang next to blazers and jackets. There is extra space for ties, wallets and other accessories. You can designate a different section in the closet for sportswear and sports shoes so that the clothes don’t get mixed up. Here everything is left to your individual preferences. Don't forget, however, that the arrangement of the walk-in closet expresses everyone's idea of order and clarity. And what's yours?

This is what a typical male walk-in closet looks like.

A woman always needs a lot of space for her shoes.

These can also be stored in shoe boxes… .

… or be organized on shelves.

A walk-in closet must be in or next to the bedroom.

Now scroll through the picture gallery…

… and get inspired for new furnishing and clothes storage ideas.

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