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"Nature alone is infinitely rich, and she alone makes the great artist", wrote the well-known German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). We can only agree and admire the nature around us every day. It offers us an endless variety of shapes, colors and patterns and enriches our senses. Nature is undoubtedly the greatest creator and we only try to imitate her. She is an unmistakable role model for fashion designers and interior designers. Floral patterns have totally conquered the fashion world in recent years and are still very popular. But they should not be missing in the interior design either. One constantly strives to surround oneself with as many natural elements as possible in everyday life. To cope with this quest, today we decided to show you clever tips and tricks on how to bring nature indoors. All ideas presented here are visualized by suitable images.

Take a look and be inspired by the surrounding nature.

  • Why do we need nature within our own four walls?

"Nothing is more beautiful than what is outside", claim the experts in matters of natural interior design. Nature is not only enchanting, it also perfectly mixes numerous shapes, different colors, endless nuances and unusual patterns. All of these look so simple on the one hand, but on the other hand they amaze us how all this elegance is rooted in nature and really comes out.

If you want to bring nature into your home, you could see its natural beauty every day. The natural colors soothe the senses and let our souls dangle for a moment. You then feel surrounded by nature and experience pure relaxation at home. In addition, nature can inspire you for new creative ideas and DIY projects. All you have to do is put your creativity into play and get started!

You can bring the charm of winter into your home with natural decorative elements.

  • Numerous natural elements help us to bring nature indoors
Natural elements have been an integral part of modern interior design and decoration for ages. These are a must in the interior in all seasons. Precisely in winter, when everything outside looks bare and colorless, you can bring more natural warmth into the house with some wooden decorative elements. Birch wood, for example, can be written wonderfully into the interior and gives every room a stronger dose of naturalness. Whether you use a few birch twigs in your bedroom or create two or three birch wood planters is up to you. But in both cases the WOW effect is guaranteed, you have successfully let nature into the house.The white birch wood brings more naturalness into the bedroom.The birch wood planters and the easy-care green plants inside are a great way to freshen up your interior.

Decoration arrangements with the gifts of nature are particularly appropriate in winter. Try arranging a few cones with white candles on a tray or directly on the coffee or side table and create an eye-catcher that reflects exactly your mood in the cold months. If you combine white with other natural colors in such an arrangement, you will soon feel its calming effect.

Decorative arrangements like this one have a powerful effect on your mood.

Soft natural colors in the bedroom lead to visual balance in the room and ensure serenity.

    Green plants are well-known all-rounders that bring nature indoors
Today, the main focus is on how we can refresh our interiors and improve the indoor climate. That's why it's unimaginable that we leave out green houseplants from our clever tips and tricks. These bring a fresh green into the ambience and transform the apartment into a real home. We have published numerous articles about evergreen houseplants on our website, so today we will keep it short. It is better to choose leafy plants that do not produce any or inconspicuous flowers. They score with their special leaf shapes, colors and patterns and are extremely decorative. For example, climbing plants such as ivy, lush ferns or indoor plants such as the graceful begonias or tillandsias are always real eye-catchers in the room. Arrange these with a taller growing rubber tree or money tree and you have already created something unique. In addition, low-maintenance succulents such as aloe and elephant's foot are very attractive, but almost undemanding. So ideal for every green arrangement in the four walls.Every flower lover would like to have such a green and skilfully arranged corner.You can arrange a green wall or create a vertical garden at home with such green plants. In all cases, you will have a lot of greenery in the room, which will ensure you peace and serenity.You can also turn the bedroom into a green oasis.What tricks you use to bring more nature into your home is entirely up to you. We just hope that our tips have been of some help to you. Create a peaceful home where you'll be happy to stay for a long time!A piece of nature in the middle of the roomTreat yourself to a break and enjoy the nearby nature.The greenery outside soothes the senses.

Sometimes less is more!

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