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Roger Federer is known as the best and the smartest tennis player in every nook and corner of the world, so an introduction to such a big star seems rather redundant here. Just one sentence is enough: all fans of the white sport know him, other tennis players admire his game and appreciate the chance to play against him. Certainly, his steep climb to the top of tennis wasn't easy. How many hours of daily tennis and fitness training are behind it, no one knows except Roger Federer himself. But what you see in public is the strong support at every tournament that the number 1 player in the tennis world gets from his wife Mirka . Their intimate relationship even makes headlines in the press. That's why we want to lift the veil today and report interesting things about her true love and her admirable family life.

Mirka and Roger Federer continue to write their true love story today.

  • Mirka used to be a successful tennis player

Mirka Federer has always been by her husband's side throughout his incredible career at a time when new standards were being set in tennis. With deep love and a good understanding of tennis, she supports him at every major tournament.

However, she is not only known as Roger Federer's wife, but also as a tennis player. Many fans seem to have forgotten this fact. She also had a promising career and used to play for Switzerland. Today's Mrs. Federer comes from Slovakia, her birth name is Miroslava Vavrincova. She was only 2 years old when the family moved to Switzerland. At the age of 6, she was described as "Switzerland's greatest tennis hope". Mirka took part in four Grand Slam tournaments. Her best performance was reaching the third round at the 2001 US Open. Unfortunately, she had to retire from tennis in 2002 due to a serious foot injury.

Both are a happy married couple since 2009.

  • Mirka and Roger Federer built the perfect family

Mirka and Roger Federer are a happy couple today and have four children. Their love began on the tennis court in 2000 when they attended the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia together and got to know each other there. Since then they have been inseparable. When Mirka was banned from playing after suffering a serious foot injury in 2002, she became Roger Federer's public relations manager, handling much of his media appearances and public affairs. The couple married in April 2009 at the Wenkenhof Villa near Basel, Roger's hometown. Despite the tennis player's huge popularity, the couple decided not on a lavish wedding celebration, but on a modest ceremony, to which only close family members and close friends were invited. Meanwhile, Mirka and Roger have become happy parents. As of July 2009, they have twin daughters, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose. In May 2014 their twin sons Leo and Lennart were born.

Ex-tennis pro Mirka can regularly be seen in the audience at major sporting events and Grand Slam tournaments, often with her four children.

She constantly supports her husband.

"Behind every successful man there is a strong woman", is a dictum and that applies exactly to Mirka and Roger Federer. She is credited with having a strong mental influence on Roger. She is always there on the ATP tour and supports his game. Your presence is obviously particularly important for the greatest tennis player of all time. She organizes appointments and trips for him and takes care of shielding her family life from the media. As we can see, this makes Mirka very successful and accomplished. The entire tennis world is delighted with Roger Federer's sporting achievements and also admires him as a father and family man.

Roger Federer is not only a great tennis player, but also the perfect father.

He is an enthusiastic tennis pro and family man.

His athletic performance is admirable!

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