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Ex-model Yolanda Hadid turned 55 on January 11. To celebrate her birthday, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, giving herself a great gift. The photo shows Bella and Gigi Hadid's mom in her natural beauty. She is now proud of her appearance and writes that she is now silicone-free. She has reversed all cosmetic surgeries and feels free and full of life again. In her statement she writes: "Beauty has no meaning without he alth" and sends an important message to all women worldwide who trust cosmetic surgeons without hesitation. This is a great achievement by Yolanda Hadid and she fought for it for years. We will report in a moment how this came about.

Ex-model and supermama -Yolanda Hadid is now particularly proud of her natural look.

  • The meteoric rise of model Yolanda Hadid was not at all risk-free for her he alth

Yolanda Hadid is originally from the Netherlands and used to be a model. She then married Mohammed Hadid and has two beautiful daughters by him - Gigi, Bella and a son Anwar Hadid. Gigi and Bella have now also established themselves as supermodels in the fashion world.

But right after the birth of her first daughter Gigi, Yolanda Hadid gave up her catwalk career because she wanted to focus on her family life and motherhood. But she also wanted to stay in top shape and look like a model anytime, anywhere, so she decided to have some surgeries. Breast implants, fillers, botox injections and extensions have not only changed her body and appearance, but also damaged her he alth. In 2012, doctors diagnosed the TV star and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Holls" actress with the infectious disease Lyme disease. Since that moment, Yolanda Hadid's life has totally changed.

At 55, Yolanda Hadid still looks pretty.

  • What does Yolanda Hadid's post on Instagram say?

It has been a few years for the 55-year-old ex-model lasted until she decided to "undo some bad decisions". She first got over the shock of the illness and then gathered enough courage to do something important for her he alth. She had her breast implants removed and stopped the botox injections. Now she is happy that she looks natural again. "I finally have my original from 1964 back," she writes about her photo on Instagram. Yolanda Hadid is now happy that she "now lives in a body without breast implants, fillers, botox, extensions and all that crap," essentially free of the poison that almost killed her. She appeals to all women, they must not try by any means necessary to "keep up with the supposed demands of a sexy woman in our society". Because he alth is our we alth. Thank you Yolanda and Happy Birthday!

Yolanda Hadid used to bow to social pressure, but today she stands by herself.

The ex-model is happy at 55.

Yolanda Hadid can laugh again because she has regained her optimism about life.

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