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The music icon Rihanna is known worldwide. She is only 30 years old (born on February 20, 1988), but can already look back on a meteoric career as a pop singer and actress. She has sold more than 250 million records to date and has received nine Grammys for her music. However, as often happens, success on the stage is accompanied by disputes and scandals. According to reports in the US press, Rihanna is now in a deep conflict with her own father. We'll reveal what it's about in a moment.

A strong dose of extravagance does no harm to the famous pop singer.

  • Rihanna is suing her father

The singer is reportedly suing her own father for using her trademark "Fenty" despite his last name being the same. Her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty and her father's name is Ronald Fenty. Still, the singer is suing him for using the "Fenty" brand, which she claims is a trademark, according to The Blast.

She is the founder of the cosmetics company Fenty Beauty. Rihanna accuses her father of misrepresenting himself as one of her representatives. He is also said to have attempted to transfer money between accounts and transfer millions of dollars to fake concerts on her behalf. That's the lawsuit.

"Fenty Beauty" is the trademark pop singer.

  • The conflict between Rihanna and her father intensifies

According to the lawsuit, Rihanna said her father, Ronald Fenty, started a company called "Fenty Entertainment," which she alleges unfairly capitalized on the reputation she built with her "Fenty Beauty" brand. For this reason, she is now suing Fenty Entertainment, her father and also the co-founder of Fenty Entertainment, a man named Moses Perkins.

She also said that her father acted as her manager with Fenty Entertainment and tried to Organize 15 unauthorized shows in Latin America for US$15 million and two concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for an additional US$400,000.

The conflict between Rihanna and her father threatens to escalate.

The lawsuit seeks a trial to force Ronald Fenty to stop using the "Fenty" name and to pay Rihanna for damages already incurred. The sum must be determined by the court.

Rihanna has always had complicated relationships with her father. In 2009, she spoke candidly about it on ABC's Good Morning America. At the time, she said that he had hit her mother. She witnessed this domestic violence in her own home and is now fighting it. She doesn't want to date a man like her father. There's no question of a date with someone like that, says the music icon.

Rihanna's "Fenty Beauty" cosmetic marle is very popular and much in demand.

The singer is always provocative, creative, trendy and fashionable.

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