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There is no doubt that the kitchen has traditionally been the center of every home and it is expected to continue to fulfill this function for many years to come. Therefore, we constantly draw your attention to the style in which you can arrange your own kitchen. In today's article we are once again focusing on the country house kitchen, because it is precisely this that has been on the rise again in recent years. With the help of our picture gallery, we will be happy to show you how you can bring a pinch of rural flair into the kitchen. In the rustic ambience, the eye enjoys numerous natural materials and unique designs that make you easily forget the stressful city life. In addition, soft pastel nuances dominate in a country house kitchen and fresh natural colors set the tone. As far as the pattern is concerned, you will certainly be spoiled for choice, because country-style kitchen design looks back on a long tradition and certainly has a lot to offer.

Nowadays, the country kitchen can easily be transformed into a natural family meeting place.

Numerous rustic elements make up the country house kitchen.

  • The country kitchen exudes homely comfort

The modern man needs a cozy place where he can retreat after a hard day's work and cook hot food for himself and his family. He feels in the right place in a country kitchen in particular, where he can relieve the stress of the past day more easily while preparing food and perhaps drink a glass of good wine. In the classic country kitchen, he can feel the authentic charm of the Alpine landscape and often think back to his childhood, to the time when grandma's kitchen smelled of freshly baked apple pie. Rustic kitchens are characterized by their rustic design, which appears a bit playful and where different natural materials are used. In the first place these are wood and stone. The duo is complemented by patterned tiles and playful details on the kitchen fronts and the kitchen island.

Completely natural, a bit quaint and rustic - this is how you can characterize the country house kitchen.

Everything is right in this country kitchen - from the rattan baskets to the marble top of the kitchen island to the light pastel tones on the walls and kitchen cabinets.

The cosiness of the country kitchen is often paired with romantic elements. There are often playful decorative elements and floral patterns that complete the rustic look. In kitchens designed in this way, there is a nostalgic cosiness that meets high-quality materials. All of this transforms the kitchen ambience into a popular place for young and old, because everyone obviously feels at home here. However, purely practical tasks are often attributed to the romantic design of such a kitchen. Kitchen cupboards in different sizes and a classic kitchen island simply cannot be missing there. These are noticeable at first glance, because they determine the entire kitchen design. In addition, it is imperative that they both look good and be functional. In a country kitchen, these are usually provided with many drawers and other storage options, so that there is enough space for utensils and kitchen accessories.

Natural wood base cabinets and kitchen island are combined with open kitchen shelves to create a unique look.

Tiled wall and gray rustic kitchen cabinets add even more appeal to this linear kitchen.

  • Modernity and simple design can also be found in the country house kitchen

A country kitchen can definitely be modern. That doesn't disturb the rustic-classic furnishing style at all. In this case, it is characterized by a simple design language without any frills, clear lines and light colors. Such a design tends even to the Scandinavian style in the kitchen. The Nordic flair is presented with restraint and elegance in the kitchen design. Simple wooden fronts are used, which are paired with marble slabs. Natural stone is in great demand in a country kitchen. It introduces more warmth into the ambience and enhances the rustic look. Although modern in design, the country kitchen in Scandi style retains the rustic character and has a mix of classic and modern elements.

You can also incorporate the latest kitchen innovations almost without reservation into such a kitchen design. These will definitely not spoil the whole look. But on the contrary. They are meant to make any kitchen chore easier, but they can also go well with rustic elements.

Now scroll through our picture gallery and take your time to enjoy the individual designs of each country kitchen down to the smallest detail. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun!

Clear lines and simple design language characterize this country kitchen.

White and natural wood are an unbeatable duo in the modern country kitchen.

Perfect symmetry thanks to cleverly chosen materials!

We invite you to the table!

Invite nature right into your home and design a modern country kitchen to fall in love with!

Daylight makes the light blue of the kitchen cabinets shine. This creates an extremely cozy atmosphere.

Classic in pastel green with dark hinges on the cupboard doors as a contrast!

White Metro tiles and a colorful runner give this kitchen that certain something.

Open shelves in the kitchen are currently very popular.

Feel the warmth of the wood and chocolate brown floor tiles here?

The country kitchen can be called modern in many aspects.

The extensive use of wood, however, preserves the rustic charm of the kitchen.

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