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You would like to get a tattoo, but you are not quite sure whether you will like it in the long run? And you might want to remove it after all, but it might be a bit too painful. Don't panic, we have a compromise solution for you today. Small tattoos don't stand out at all, but they can still show off your individuality. If you don't like them anymore, they can be changed relatively easily. And when it does, removing the tattoo will take much less effort than if the tattoo is too big.

Small tattoos with messages

The three different monkey faces represent different moods. One goes and the other comes. One moment you're laughing and the other you're crying. And so on… Such a deep message can contain a theme for small tattoos! Every time you want to remember this philosophy of life, you can just look at it. And many others will like this idea just as much.

It's a simple yet profound theme

Romantic mood? So choose about roses for small tattoos!

Delicate Romance

Roses are romantic and many people get them tattooed. But after a while, they might seem a bit too flashy and even cheesy. In black and white and/or small, it doesn't matter that much. Even with a small rose you can show that you have your feet on the ground and that you value romance and good ideas.

Family can be presented in many ways

Show yourself as a family person

Is family the most important thing in your life? You can teach this to others in a variety of creative ways. Or a funny one. This is exactly what has been done with the elephant family tattoo that we get to see here. Or maybe you have another favorite animal? Get family tattooed with his motif.

Which one hobbies do you have? Show it off with small tattoos.

Hobby or Passion

What is your hobby or scientific passion? Maybe it's the modern airplanes or exploring the universe? Both and many other themes are great for small tattoos. This is shown by our examples in the pictures above and below.

Here you have many motifs. However, due to the common theme, they do not seem numerous.

Tattoos in different places

You can emphasize your shoulders or arms with a small tattoo. If they are in small measurements, it is anything but flashy or ugly. The wheat motif is very subtle, charming and will remain so even after many years. You can see numerous suitable ideas in our further photo series!

Although the motif is traditional, it seems very modern and appropriate here

Other benefits of small tattoos

You really can't really go wrong with small tattoos. They are certainly a better idea from a he alth safety perspective as well. In addition, they look modern and the experiments with them are not too dangerous. You can bring several different symbols together, show off your character and still not look cheap. We hope you enjoy choosing the right small tattoo for you.

You may not always be able to go to the sea, but you can show your longing for it…

An impressive tattoo can be that simple!

Love of geometry can also be a great subject for tattoos!

Want to remind yourself that you have a Guardian Angel? Small tattoos are a great strategy for this.

Back to the subject of celestial bodies! This is indeed very popular for small tattoos.

A little sheep? Such small tattoos can make everyone laugh!

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