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Perhaps there are very few people who don't like celebrating their own birthday or a friend's birthday. There are just people like that and they certainly have an important reason for it that remains hidden back in their childhood. With today's article, we intend to convey fun party snack ideas that will delight all guests at a children's birthday party and thus leave wonderful birthday memories.

Celebrating children's birthdays - that's easy too

With the attached examples, we not only want to whet your appetite for tasty and he althy finger food recipes, but also show how the bites can look attractive and appealing. Because what small and large guests like to eat at children's birthday parties not only has to do with taste, but also with a fine color scheme and last but not least with bite-sized shapes.

Children need little to feel happy on their birthday

Set up plates with fruit and marshmallows

What should the menu for a children's birthday party look like so that both the joy of eating is present and that at the same time you don't get too involved with the unhe althy? How can you meet the tastes of all children or parents and make precise calculations regarding the amount of food?

We have written this article for all parents who have enough stress on their ears and want to organize a children's birthday party at home and one at school. It will not only relieve you of a lot of work in finding ideas, but also offer you a balanced menu in which he althy snacks are just as important as sweets.

Eating peppers can be boring, but eating flowers is not

A mix of he althy and popular

The way you set up the table or the buffet can make a difference in how much of the sweets and how much of the he althy vegetable sticks are eaten.

If you are making the menu for a children's birthday party plan, don't forget to work with colors and to make the table colorful but harmonious.

A colorful bag in a glass can make any child happy

The table decorations, crockery and cutlery should also be inviting. Below you will find convincing examples of this as well. Depending on which age group your guests belong to, you can make do with popular childhood heroes, colours, games and themes. A mix of he althy, in-season fruits and less he althy but loved treats is definitely doable.

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous pictures and put together the right menu for your child and their guests. And even if you have to organize everything on the last printer, we promise you that you can do it well (also with our help)! A little imagination, a few straws, colored paper and a lot of love are enough to celebrate an unforgettable children's birthday party.

S alt stick and a heart of sugar- opposites attract each other

Even if all children like to eat apples, you can only score points with a fruit monster

Pudding and desserts are a popular sight and eaten at children's birthday parties

Eating should be made into an experience

Designing with colours, also works great when eating

Breakfast bread also tastes different if it is prepared with imagination and love

Fruit instead of ice cream

A sandwich made from apple slices can be considered a new invention

Kiwi with chocolate icing is the better choice at any party

All aircraft are ready for departure

Eating by color can become an adventure

Orientate yourself according to the preferences of your children

You can also eat melon slices on and with a stick

These too The simplest things are perceived differently when they are specially packaged

or if you have designed something of your own with colour

Food for children should be small, bite-sized and unusual

brave, surprising and imaginative- too

People like to make lollipops out of lollipops and balloons

The loveliest edible ladybugs are made from cherry tomatoes

If you are in the mood for the sea, the food can also be themed

Classic and elegant, but suitable for children, please

Everyone can experience themselves as a superhero, at least for a while

Prepare everything especially for your guests, also at their eye level

Eat, play or fish?

It doesn't matter how the vitamins get into the body

You can also design mini breads together with the guests

A homemade water ice cream can only be he althy

Think of the decoration and also the choice of color for the cutlery and crockery

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