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Scrap Secret Santa is a family-friendly gift exchange game that has been part of the modern Christmas tradition for many years.

When it comes to Secret Santa, the idea can be traced back to Scandinavian tradition. Namely there is knocked on the door, thrown a gift, and then run away. Scandinavians call this Juklapp (literally translated - knocking Christmas). Or the roots go even further back to German legends about the helpers of St. Nikolaus, who distributed gifts to good children. But one thing is for sure - the tradition has evolved over the years.

In the US, the game is known as Dirty Santa, White Elephant, and Yankee Swap. The main difference between Dirty Santa and the other two games is that Dirty Santa encourages multiple rounds of gift stealing.

What is scrap sprite?

Exchanging Junk Gnome gifts

The German version of this party game is called Schrottwichteln and there are different versions of it. So make sure you, the host, have set some ground rules in advance. General game rules as well as some popular variants are listed in this article. Read on and get inspired…

Have a Christmas Party with gift Exchange

It's about having more fun!

Regulate scrap elves

Number of Players: Ideally, this game requires a minimum of 6 adults, with a maximum of 20 players recommended. Technically, however, any number of players can participate.

Number of gifts: Each entrant must bring one untagged and wrapped gift. gifts can be serious, humorous or completely useless; however, efforts should be made to wrap the gift in such a way that the contents remain unknown until opened. Especially with scrap gnomes, useless and funny objects are actually given away.

You can play scrap pixies with friends and work colleagues

The traditional rules of the Imp or Junk Imp are essentially pretty simple. Nobody knows who is giving a gift to whom. However, organizing a gift exchange with friends, family or co-workers can still be a bit more complicated. Here are some tips that can help you with that.

Choose a party theme and set a price limit for the gifts that will be exchanged. Send all party invitations, writing that each guest should bring an unsigned and wrapped gift.

Wrapping tip: The more interesting the gift wrapping, the more exciting the game will be. That's why it's a good idea to wrap the gifts in several layers of paper or boxes of different sizes.

Junk gifts must be wrapped carefully

It's best when you can't even guess what's in the gift box

Let your creativity run free!

When all the guests have arrived, the scrap Secret Santa can begin. Start by placing all gifts in one central place (for example, on a table or under the Christmas tree). The main thing is that all players have easy access to the gifts.

Extra Tip: Make sure your personal gifts are far from that particular place. You wouldn't want any of your guests to go home with Aunt Suzy's mixer, would you?

Stack All Junk Gnome gifts in One Place

Then you decide who starts the game. There are several ways to do this. Usually everyone draws a number from a hat or box and each guest then plays in turn according to the number they drew.

This is how gift exchange can be very fun

Player 1 chooses a gift from the central pile, opens it and shows it to everyone. The fun here is in the gift itself and in the recipient's reaction.

Player 2 has the choice of either choosing an unopened gift from the deck or stealing Player 1's opened gift. If player 1's gift is stolen, they must find another unopened gift select.

Best avoid giving traditional Christmas gifts

A gift can be stolen more than once, but usually no more than 3 times and only once per turn. If your gift is stolen, you cannot steal it again right away. You must steal another gift or choose from the stack.

Each subsequent player has a choice. You can either choose an unopened gift from the deck or accept an already opened gift from one of the previous players. In the event that your gift was stolen, the previous player can choose another unopened gift from the deck or one of the opened gifts from the other players (however, you cannot take the gifts back from the person who just took them).

The game ends when the last unopened gift is selected.

Scrap gnomes with cubes

Another variant of scrap gnomes can be played with dice. The die decides who gets which junk gift.

The dice are thrown in a predetermined time. Each dice result represents a specific rule:

  • 6 rolled: You may take a gift from the stack if you don't already have one in front of you. Otherwise, sit out.
  • 5 rolled: You may trade the gift with another player.
  • 4Rolled: The player to your right trades the gift with you.
  • 3 rolled: The player to your left gets your gift. In exchange, the other person's gift goes to you.
  • 2Rolled: You can determine which two players exchange gifts.
  • 1 rolled: You may unwrap the gift in front of you.

Clear rules for scrap elves

Have fun!

Schrottwichteln - a funny Christmas game

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