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We have already made Christmas stars out of FIMO. And today we want to create a very special three-dimensional paper star that can also serve as a magnificent Christmas decoration. The Bascetta star, as it is called, will not only challenge our and your creativity, but will certainly brighten the mood at home. So do we want to make Bascetta stars today?

Make Bascetta stars - you don't have to be a mathematician

As wall decoration

Bascetta Stars is a modular origami based on mathematical facts. They were invented and named after the Italian mathematician Paolo Bascetta. The Bascetta Star is one of the most elaborate paper crafts, but it also allows for a lot of creative freedom. A Bascetta star can be one, two or more colors, smaller or larger, with or without an integrated light source. No matter what your Bascetta stars look like, they will definitely add extra warmth and comfort to your ambience.

The illustrated handicraft instructions or video instructions will help you to fold a Bascetta star yourself and to design it in the desired size and color combination.

You can also use newsprint

A funny idea

Follow the listed tips and carefully fold the paper step by step as shown below. If the star is to have integrated lighting, it is advisable to use transparent paper. Each star has a total of 30 individual parts that are connected in a uniform arrangement and assembled into an object with a basic round shape.

Decorative 3D paper stars

A DIY Bascetta star can also serve as a light source

Making bascetta stars - material and preparation

For this DIY project, you will mainly need paper, which you fold according to the following instructions and process into a three-dimensional bascetta star.

Before you start crafting, get 30 square leaflets of the desired size and possibly different colors.

Notes in the format 9 × 9 cm work well for this. If you use square note paper, you won't need scissors. Bascetta stars are fixed without glue, so no glue is needed.

Now start preparing and fold the first sheet, which will serve as a template for all the other 29 sheets. Proper folding is especially important here, so follow each step carefully.

Tip: If you haven't made a Bascetta star yet, prepare a few extra sheets and practice folding them correctly several times, as this is crucial for the star's future appearance.

Hard paper napkins are also suitable for a Baschetta star

Bascetta Star - step-by-step instructions

1. Take the first sheet and fold it exactly in half. The opposite edges must be exactly matched.

2. Open the folded paper and place it in front of you so that the fold is horizontal. Now fold the top left and bottom right corners to the fold line. The tips must touch.

3. Turn the sheet over. The folded corners must remain bent.

4. The two parallel, longest sides are now folded along the folded edge.

5. Turn the sheet back over. When folded correctly, the paper resembles a parallelogram.

6. Adjust the folded, inverted note horizontally to your field of view.

7. Now fold the right, upper tip down so that it points vertically downwards. Repeat this step with the left side so the tip is facing up. Fold both tips so that the middle edges are parallel.

8. Turn the sheet over. Visually, it is now reminiscent of a rhombus.

9. The two points of the rhombus are now folded over each other - a triangle is formed.

The 9 steps listed also apply to the remaining 29 sheets.

How is a bascetta star folded?

Tip: It is advisable for beginners to make the star out of more robust paper and to use different colors. Even if the Since color is not important even when folding, it simplifies the subsequent assembly of the Bascetta star.

Now take three sheets of paper that have already been folded, if possible in different colors. They must be opened on one side. Pin the unfolded sides together to form a three-pointed star. Make sure that the third element completely closes the construction.

Now add seven more elements in a circle to this construction. Let everything lie flat on the table with the tips sticking up. This will give you an idea of where to place the elements. Keep adding an element. Once you've done that, your figure should have five spikes sticking up and five lying flat on the table. Complete the five flat ends, each with two more elements.

Now connect two adjacent ends that do not belong to the same module and add a third one. This again results in a point of the star. Repeat with all other ends.

Now you have five more endings. These must now be closed. Add two elements to one of these ends - another tip will be created. Now go around the circle - connect the last element. Add one more element and continue with the rest of the ends.

Collect more ideas below and get started! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck crafting your Bascetta Stars!

This is how all parts are fixed together

Make bascetta stars - video tutorial

Be inspired by the following examples of bascetta stars

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