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Now the weather is nice and sunny across Europe and is expected to remain so throughout the summer into early autumn. With those high temperatures outside, you often wonder where you'd rather go, right? Yes, the holiday season is here! Many of you have certainly already chosen your travel destination and are preparing for a short trip or a longer holiday trip. Everyone tries to think carefully about what to take with them and what to leave at home. This process is like child's play for most travel enthusiasts, but for other holiday seekers it is difficult and turns into a burden, in fact a stressful affair. Nobody wants to regret not having something on the trip that they absolutely need. Does that sound familiar to you? Don't panic, because we have the solution right away and it's called: Pack your bags, but be smart!

Packing your suitcase - made easy!

No stress and chaos when packing your suitcase

Today we have a few clever tips ready for you and want to help you a little with the strenuous travel preparations so that you have a stress-free start to your vacation and can enjoy the "best time of the year" to the fullest. Of course, the amount of luggage and the number of pieces of luggage depend on the duration of your vacation or trip.

The mode of transport you choose is also important. Car travelers have it really good because a lot can fit in the trunk of their car. Many are of the opinion that everything has to go! No, none! Stuff and children's toys must be left at home in any case. Just a stuffed animal and a book are enough. With all the hustle and bustle when packing suitcases, security is often neglected. Too much luggage could also endanger your driving safety!

Turn packing into a routine!

Air travelers, who represent the largest group of travel enthusiasts, confront themselves with a number of difficulties and seemingly unsolvable questions when packing their suitcases. First of all, many people think they need absolutely everything they need at home on a holiday familiar with. Her packing list is really long - from clothes to cosmetics to books and tablets. Of course, that doesn't have to be the case and the whole process of packing your suitcase shouldn't look like a move. Experts advise that you can find everything you need at the resort (sometimes even much cheaper than here). So, it's better to take fewer things with you and leave some free space in your luggage for small souvenirs and other souvenirs that you will buy during your holiday trip. Just like in the interior design, the minimalist principle also prevails when packing your suitcase and here the motto is: "Less is often better!"

The minimalist principle also applies to packing your suitcase

Reduce the packing list and only take the essentials with you

Don't let your travel pleasure spoil you before the start of your vacation trip! Packing your suitcase shouldn't be exhausting! Guided by this thought, you can forget all stress and calmly think through your packing list. The most necessary things include first and foremost the medicines that you may have to take every day. Combinable clothing items are a great idea as you only need to pack a limited number. And 2 pairs of comfortable shoes are also among the must-haves on vacation. Electronic devices, in principle, do not take up much space, so you do not necessarily have to part with your favorite gadgets. From your favorite cosmetics you can only take what cannot be found locally. You don't even need to pack shampoos, creams, hair dryers, irons, etc., you will find these things in every hotel at the holiday destination. Other little things can also find their place in the luggage, but we leave them entirely up to you, because only you can decide what you can do without and what you absolutely have to take with you on vacation. You can find interesting tips and practical tricks on the topic of "packing suitcases" in the attached video:

One thing is clear to all of us: Pack your papers and travel tickets with you, because without them your vacation would have fallen through! And nobody wants that!

The editors wish you a safe journey and lots of fun on holiday!

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