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Birthday is always a special day - while not everyone likes turning a year older, being the center of attention for 24 hours is something great that should happen to everyone at least once a year. Giving your partner, dear friend or family member this special day as a gift creates great memories and strengthens the relationship. Tips for planning, ideas and more can be found in this article.

Surprising dear friends on their birthday and giving them a perfect day creates special memories and is a great experience for both the organizer and the recipient.


The perfect day requires continuous planning. Of course, that doesn't mean that every minute has to be timed, but there should be a rough schedule so that everything runs as smoothly as possible and the birthday child doesn't have to worry about anything. So let's start with the following steps.

  1. Take your time

In order to be able to actually spend the day together, it is important that everyone involved has time for it - that sounds trite at first, but friends, family and acquaintances often snow spontaneously on the birthday: So the birthday child has to be at least partially inaugurated or just the environment that would otherwise be in front of the door for coffee and cake. So casually asking what you want your birthday to be like this year is a good idea. Then an appointment can be made, such as a breakfast date in town at your favorite coffee shop. This is a safe meeting point and all other activities can be started from there.

  1. Brainstorming

The perfect day looks different for everyone: some prefer to spend it at home in bed with a good book, others need action and adrenaline. The daily planning should suit the birthday child and depict a balanced mix of relaxation, celebration and adventure. Trying out a new activity is also a good idea - after all, a birthday is special. There are many possibilities, ranging from sporty and challenging to culinary and creative go for a pure adrenaline rush.

Inspiration is provided by activities that also work as birthday presents, such as skydiving, murder mystery dinners or cheese and wine seminars. To complete the day, shared meals can be built around it, for example. A hearty breakfast beforehand, followed by a special dinner. All those who had to do without the birthday visit because of the surprise activity can then also be invited.

Planning is essential: only a well-planned day ensures a stress-free, smooth process.


Once the plan is in place, it will be more concrete. The preparation for the day consists first of all in calculating how much time is needed for what. Incorporating buffer time is one possible idea, since unexpected surprises can occur. In addition, the day should not end in stress.

Once the rough schedule is in place, the bookings begin. Breakfast can either be actually eaten in the café or prepared at home - if the birthday child is a member of the same household, someone else will of course do the dishes. An alternative is, of course, to use the breakfast buffet in a restaurant or to choose a café that offers a “laid table”. Here, however, it is worth making a reservation in advance - just like for all other activities. After all, it would be very annoying if the implementation of the great plan failed because there was no more space available.

Friends and family should also be informed in good time that there will be dinner together in the evening, when and where they should meet and that the birthday child is spending a surprise day, so it may not be inaugurated.

One day before

Before the day itself, it should be considered what is needed. Do the target person and the other participants need a change of clothes for the planned activities? If the time between breakfast and dinner is longer, provisions should be made for a small hunger. Muffins are a good idea, for example, because they can be easily transported in a plastic box. A small picnic for lunch would also be possible - all of this depends on the plan for the day.

Muffins are quick to make and easy to transport - after all, cake is part of the perfect birthday.

Having a bottle of Prosecco in the thermal sleeve can get a little cheer up in between and bridge the journey, for example: preparing and packing these things the night before saves you stress in the morning and simplifies the process. the fact that she only has to be caught takes away the rush for the next day. If everything is well planned and prepared, the organizer can also have a nice day himself.

The birthday

For the surprise person, if in doubt: get up earlier. If you live in the same household, you should sneak into the kitchen and prepare breakfast before you wake up. Of course, opulent decoration is part of it. When everything is ready, depending on the schedule, you can relax and wait until the other person gets up or help out with a gentle wake-up call. The target of the mission - the birthday boy - has at best no idea what he or she is about to face. At the beautifully set breakfast table, you can either tell what the day will bring or not. So every step that the surprised person takes on their day of honor is a new surprise: Not everyone likes that, so attention should be paid to needs.

Muffins are quick to make and easy to transport - after all, cake is part of the perfect birthday.

If it is revealed what the day is about to do, this can be done with a symbol gift, for example. When it comes to stand-up paddling, this can be a bikini or swimming trunks, for example, a small model helicopter for a helicopter flight or for adrenaline-charged experiences, possibly a deodorant spray - with the words "You'll need that today!".

Then it starts: If you don't tell us what's coming up, you should at least give a brief explanation of what the birthday child needs, and before dinner there should be a little time to change and freshen up. With good planning, nothing should go wrong on the day itself - if it does, just take it with humor. The most important thing is that the birthday child has a nice day, it shouldn't degenerate into stress. If everything goes well, all the better: After all, an unforgettable day is a special birthday present that will be treasured for a long time with many memories.

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