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We did the research for you and discovered these 101 unique DIY ideas with wooden pallets. It is mainly about Euro pallets, which can be used either brand new or used in the construction of furniture and other home items. Pallets are not only very practical, but also very environmentally friendly. In addition, they also look very effective and original. You can leave the wood untreated or you can smooth the pallet surface, stain it and color it according to your own taste. Just like in our childhood, we can now build with Euro pallets instead of blocks of wood. In this way you can create almost any conceivable piece of furniture. The most popular are beds, coffee tables and sofas made from wooden pallets. It is not uncommon for wall shelves, armchairs, dining tables and wardrobes to be built.

Wooden pallets for a distinctive living atmosphere

Another very important advantage of wooden pallets is their versatility. They inscribe themselves perfectly in almost every furnishing style. Untreated, these are unbeatable, especially for the real purists among us. Light wood and light construction - just gorgeous. The shabby chic and boho fans are also quite taken when it comes to furniture made from pallets.

When it comes to industrial and urban interior design, wooden pallets are also very trendy.

Seating furniture made from Euro pallets

The seating furniture made from Euro pallets with soft white upholstery is particularly sophisticated. You can put some decorative cushions on it, either with subtle patterns or in fresh colors. The small coffee table can be easily built from the wooden planks of the pallets. They are complemented by rattan or bamboo chairs and armchairs, which you can find at the flea market or in the antique shop.

Wooden pallets for your cheerful terrace design

Retro furniture made from Euro pallets

If you like retro furniture, that's no problem either. Just one Euro pallet is enough to create such a chic 50s-style coffee table. All you have to do is attach four hairpin legs made of steel or aluminum and you have your original coffee table that will definitely go with you eye-catcher in the room.

Little effort - big effect

If you like things clean and classy, paint the Euro pallets white. This goes well with rattan furniture and of course a sisal carpet. You can also add splashes of color, e.g. with a pink couch cover.

Your living room will be welcoming and cozy

It continues in the children's room. Desk, chest of drawers, bed, wall shelf and bedside table - design everything in an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and uncomplicated way. Pallet furniture makes it possible.

In the natural look, the palettes lend a certain lightness and ensure a cheerful mood in the room

And of course the garden furniture. These are undoubtedly the classics! Comfortable, sturdy lounge chairs, armchairs and tables made from wooden pallets make a great, creative addition to any garden. You can also place them on the terrace and impress your visitors with them.

Stay as close to nature as possible

Shabby chic made of pallets for your living room

Last but not least, the bathroom fittings. There is also a lot to do here. The wooden pallets are z. B. a perfect material for the cabinets under the sink. But they are also ideal for wall shelves and wardrobes.

Subtle minimalist style bathroom

Get further inspiration with these imaginative pallet furniture ideas and build or order your very special pieces. Have fun and find what you are looking for!

Small euro pallet sofa

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Whole walls can be covered with wooden pallets

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Smart pallet ideas for your home

Such a wall shelf simply suits every room and almost every taste

You can also just change the perspective

A comfortable reading chair with lots of storage space

Terrace design in ethnic style

Of course, two colors are also possible

With the right padding, you can transform any Euro pallet into a comfortable seat

Wooden pallets in rustic bathroom

Your loved ones will definitely like the pallet furniture

Summer mood with Euro pallets

Sustainable Vertical Gardens

Creativity with palettes in the bathroom

Bright, vibrant colors for the deckchairs made from Euro pallets

Cool and classy for a terrace ambience with style

Elegant DIY furniture at the highest level

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Decent living room furniture

A tennis table can of course also be made from Euro pallets

It doubles as a dining table

Original ideas for your terrace and garden design

Find out your favorite shade for DIY furniture

Combine with other natural materials

Or leave the pallet furniture with its signs of weathering

Introduce even more positive energy with fresh colors

Words like love and hope also go really well with it

Try it out with colored ethnic patterns

Showcase your plants and odds and ends in a unique way

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