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What everyone knows about rose oil is that it is obtained from rose petals and that you have to pay very expensive sums for pure rose essential oil. But what exactly determines the high price of rose oil and whether you can extract the valuable oil from every rose petal, we would like to find out below.

First of all, we would like to define the meaning of rose oil. Everyone knows the scent of rose blossoms. This fragrance would not be possible without the essential oil contained in the petals.

There are thousands upon thousands of rose species on the planet that always delight our eyes, but only a few of them are well suited for making rose oil. The three best known and most valuable types of roses, which are particularly valued in perfumery and aromatherapy, are Rosa Damascena and Rosa Sentifolia. Number three, Rosa Alba, is the only white rose from whose blossoms the noble fragrance oil is obtained.

You get 1 L of rose oil from about 4 tons of petals

Rose varieties from which the fragrance oil is obtained

Rosa Damscena was brought to Europe from Damscus about 300 years ago and is grown in many specialist areas. The most successful manufacturers worldwide, whose rose oil is characterized by excellent qualities, are France, Bulgaria, Turkey and India.

Rosa Damscena is the most famous rose variety that was brought to Europe from Damascus about 300 years ago

Application and effect

Rose essential oil is used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products. The best and most expensive perfumes in the world smell fragrant for days after you use them, just because of the rose oil, which even in small amounts makes any perfume a masterpiece.

Rose oil embellished. Even if this sentence sounds superficial, one can only agree. The noble scent of the rose has an antidepressant and at the same time aphrodisiac effect. The delicate scent touches the heart and one feels pure bliss.

The finest products in perfumery and cosmetics contain valuable rose oil

Apart from the mental effect, rose oil can be seen as the best natural remedy for all kinds of skin irritations. When it comes to daily skin care, you should mix a little rose oil into every cream and ointment. The effect will be visible immediately.

The natural essential oil of the rose also has an internal application. A drop of rose oil dissolved in water helps in the event of severe migraine attacks and menstrual cramps. Blood-cleansing and laxative properties are also attributed to rose oil.

Through the process of distillation you get the scented oil out of the rose petals

The rose oil does not yet have a sell-by date


Pure rose oil is one of the few natural products that does not have a sell-by date. It can be said that rose oil lasts forever and does not lose a bit of its excellent qualities. This is one of the reasons why the final price of rose oil is so high.

World-famous perfume names have valued rose oil particularly highly for decades

Many antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties are attributed to rose oil


The production of rose oil takes place through the process of distillation. The old tradition of production is still maintained and even if the technologies are very advanced today, there is no known "modern" way to obtain larger quantities of rose oil faster. It is said that about one liter of rose oil is obtained from four tons of rose petals. The price of a liter of rose oil is currently €12,000. Another reason that justifies the price is the fact that rose petals have to be picked and sorted exclusively by hand. Also, there are certain times of the day when the levels of the essential oil in the rose flower are higher. It has been found that the 4am harvest is the most rewarding time for the rose oil industry. Because of the humidity and temperature at dawn, the rose releases much more essential oil than at other times of the day.

The manufacturing process is tedious, but the oil obtained at the end is definitely worth it.

In areas rich in natural mineral water, the rose feels at home

The flowers are picked and sorted by hand

The production is laborious, precise and quite traditional

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