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How to furnish a small studio apartment

Those of you who are just about to set up their one-room apartment have come to the right place. And if not, then you're more than welcome to stay with us, because today we'd like to introduce you to a lovely little apartment in Manhattan. The special thing about it is that it belongs to the head of the architecture studio Buro from New York, Koray Duman. It's always exciting to peek inside the four walls of architects and interior designers, isn't it? And in this specific case we were not disappointed at all, quite the opposite. The Buro philosophy has been fully implemented here. The architecture should be functional and unexpected, engaging and poetic, experimental and affordable at the same time. It is said to have the power to challenge our perception in everyday life, to surprise and even shock us.

Duman bought the studio in 2011. More precisely, this is located in a building from the 80s, in the middle of Chinatown. Although the newly bought apartment was actually a very desolate, gloomy dwelling, it won over its new owner right from the start with the beautiful view of the park. And so he started the renovation work. As a result - nothing has remained the same. All flooring has been replaced, the original brickwork on the walls has been exposed and painted white. The whole floor plan has been completely changed. The apartment now has a bedroom with a shower cubicle and a spacious living area.

Furnishing a studio apartment - professional ideas for your own four walls

A multifunctional wall runs through the entire living area, which is geometrically constructed and highlighted in a fresh citrus green. It starts in the bedroom and ends at the opposite end of the living room. In this way, the partition hides the bathroom, small basement and laundry room.

The furniture continues to be multifunctional and original.

Two ergonomic white sofas are placed in the center of the living room. These have an unusual, geometric shape and not without reason. The two parts can be combined in a comfortable guest bed if required. The unconventional sofa design is enhanced by the mirrored coffee table and two designer plastic chairs. The last ones also give the room more freshness by appearing as trendy splashes of color.

Harmonious contrast - old meets modern

Everything else is much simpler and more discreet. A temporary home office was created between the two white wardrobes and the minimalist kitchen impresses with sophisticated fronts in white and the smooth matt silver on the worktop and kitchen back wall.

Now just let the pictures do the talking and enjoy this little architectural gem from Manhattan!

Rough textures on the walls and smooth furniture fronts

Minimalist kitchen furnishings in fresh colours

Optimal comfort with an industrial touch

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