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Black absorbs too much light and makes a room look gloomy? But no! Black is the new trend color that can be used in every apartment and, with the right mix of styles, can lead to surprising effects. Since the new trend color black is neutral, it can be wonderfully combined with other shades - from bright to subtle, from noble to unusual, all options are open to you.

The trend color black as a classic A larger room flooded with daylight can walls in deep black give a fascinating structure and an almost tangible depth. Whether just one wall, two facing each other or Even if all the walls are black, it is entirely up to your personal taste. Combined with light-colored furniture and home accessories, the room is designed in a uniquely harmonious and yet dynamic way.

If you want to live out the trend in a special way, use black furniture in dark rooms and create an exciting balance with a bright color. Add highlights to the designer dining area or the living room, such as stylish pendant lights in an original design and add bold color accents to the walls. This results in wonderful contrasts - in terms of color and style, and a whole new sense of space is created.

Exciting effects can be achieved especially in front of the dark base. Have courage and experiment with home accessories in bright colors, for example. Colorful wall design, picture frames and wall clocks in red or storage boxes in bright yellow draw attention and make the room appear lively. Black sofa set with brightly colored cushions invite you to linger. The matching dining table made of stained wood shows its natural structure and can be effectively staged with colorful tablecloths.

Create an elegant ambience with the trend color

Combinations of black with white and gray or with gold and silver tones not only create fascinating contrasts. This noble, subtle and yet high-quality mix of colors gives a room elegance and charisma. With a deep black stained shelf gives a bright room depth; a black lounge chair in front of a white or anthracite-washed wall, combined with a stylish side table, conveys a homely atmosphere.

Many beautiful decorative highlights can be used very individually and spread stylish cosiness. Small wall shelves in black, which break up the room or set accents, are particularly impressive.

Image sources: Vitra and Diesel Living

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