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Make your own table runner for Easter

Would you like to create your own Easter table decorations? Then stay tuned. We would like to propose you an easy craft idea. This fits perfectly in the rustic dining room and would give your festive table a special charm.

How do you like the idea of making a table runner yourself?

It is not only easy and simple, but also very inexpensive. If we have aroused your interest, then take a look at the following photo examples and let your imagination run wild.

Easter table runner - wish your guests in a creative way: "Happy Easter!"

Making a table runner out of hemp fabric for Easter

We find the table runner made of hemp fabric particularly easy to craft, because this material should not necessarily be hemmed. So its processing is pretty easy and you don't even need a sewing machine. Practical, isn't it?

1. Step

You need a piece of hemp cloth. The width can be about 60cm and the length depends on your dining table. The table runner should hang slightly on both sides (as in the picture below).

2. Step

Print the hemp fabric. Cute Easter bunnies should "appear" on your table runner. You can do this with a stencil and a spray of any color. White and brown go perfectly with the rustic character of the fabric.

3. Step

Imitate the Easter Bunny's fluffy tail. You can achieve this with a bobble made of yarn. Smart, right?

Make Easter bunnies

Table runner with 3D Easter Bunny

Happy Easter bunnies decorate the dining table for Easter

Printing the hemp fabric

Add colored dots

Make your own Easter bunny template or buy it from the craft store

Align your message for the upcoming Easter celebrations as well

Cut out Easter bunnies and chicks from felt

Decorate the hemp fabric with decorative ribbons on the edge

DIY table runner in the shape of a carrot

Making abstract Easter bunnies

Patchwork table runner - colorful and really well folded

Patchwork table decoration ideas for Easter

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