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Make your own retro decoration for your fridge with paper stickers

Retro refrigerators are currently a strong trend in kitchen design. But it doesn't cost a lot. For this reason, you should really think twice about whether such an investment is really worthwhile or not. You can also achieve wonderful results yourself with matching paper stickers.

When is the real retro fridge worth it?

Well, we know that what makes a fridge retro doesn't start with its colour. The specialized brands win real fans with unique designs and other extras.

But that still doesn't make it worth buying at a very high price. You have to clarify for yourself which aspect of the retro fridges you like the most. If that's the colour, which is often the case, then you can also achieve a great effect with matching paper stickers.

This approach is also appropriate in other situations. You can use it to do a practice test for the design. The retro refrigerators are very noticeable. It may be that after a certain period of fascination they are perceived as too intrusive. By spicing it up with paper stickers, you can let the retro style work its magic on you. This way you can check whether the retro fridges are really your thing or not without spending a lot of money.

Big Chill retro fridge in blue and white

Conversion Ability

Another very important argument for decorating the fridge with stickers is the ability to transform them. You can change the stickers relatively easily, thereby adapting the kitchen utensil to a new concept.

Get Inspired

When deciding on the right decoration for your fridge, it is best to draw inspiration from models that already exist.

First you should get an overview of the authentic refrigerator models.

Then take a look at the current designer models. See how they have been interpreted by the retro models.

Union Jack and SMEG - the classic for true connoisseurs

Finally, you must also be well versed in the various color options for decorative paper stickers. You don't want to miss something really relevant, do you?


  • Paper Sticker
  • sponge
  • Detergent
  • pen
  • Cutter
  • a dry cloth

Decorate with paper stickers in a few simple steps

Measure the fridge well first so you can determine how many paper stickers you need. If you want to leave the metal branding on the surface, you need to cut out the appropriate area beforehand.

Using a sponge, you should wash well the places where the stickers should be put. Then dry well. The clean surface is also a guarantee that your work will give good results.

Rainbow design for your retro style kitchen

Prepare Paper Stickers

Take a piece of paper slightly larger than the dimensions of the refrigerator. That way you have a little reserve if you don't measure something quite right. Place the sticker on the fridge surface without separating the protective film.

You could really use the help of a second person for this part of the work. Otherwise, you can temporarily attach the paper foil with magnets.

You can now draw the exact frame with a pen and then finally cut off the paper. Use the cutting knife for this. Now that you have cut out the sticker in the appropriate shape and colour, you can slowly and carefully attach it to the fridge.

Delicate golden dots also look great as a fridge design

The classy, white Servis fridge gets colorful dots

Green is also a great choice for your retro DIY fridge

Light blue is also very trendy this season

That's what baby pink is like

Your kids will love this chalkboard design too

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Funny stickers ensure a cheerful mood in the kitchen

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