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How do I clean my wool carpet properly?

Have you furnished your apartment with a nice cotton carpet? We congratulate you on this great decision! Wool carpet is a variant for people with good taste. This is also a variant that has been well tested over time. Cotton dominated the market until the late 1950s. Then nylon and other synthetic fabrics came into play. At times they were perceived as a more practical solution and they pushed back the cotton carpet.

The wool carpet is a good solution for the whole family

Wool carpets of great quality

In recent years people have started to remember the high value of natural textiles. This is how the wool carpet was rediscovered.

The only reasonable reason why you would do without it today is the tenfold price. It's worth it though…

The wool carpet will serve you for a very long time, but only if you take good care of it. It is precisely this aspect that we would like to deal with today. Read our tips and tricks for good wool carpet care!

Cleaning wool carpets made easy

The wool carpet will serve you for a very long time

How often should a wool carpet be cleaned?

You should clean the carpet regularly, i.e. once a week at most. He has the ability to collect quite a bit of dirt. This separates a lot of dust in the room and it is very dangerous for the he alth of the residents. This is all the more true if you have small children at home.

Vacuum and thoroughly clean the wool carpet once a week

Is cleaning the wool carpet expensive?

Many people worry that the wool carpet will become even more expensive due to the special cleaning agents. There is even a widespread opinion that it should only be professionally cleaned. That's not true.

You can use universal to clean the wool carpet Use detergent

You can use the normal cleaning agents available on the market to clean the wool carpet. You have to be prepared that after cleaning, there will be a little unpleasant smell in the room. This has to do with the natural character of the fabric. You have to ventilate the room well for the next 2 to 6 hours so that it smells normal again.

What is needed?

Chemicals for cleaning wool carpet

Make sure that the PH value of the cleaning agents used for cleaning does not exceed 8.5. We are dealing with organic fibers and they could be discolored by the stronger agents.

And now the carpet is clean and soft again

Dyeing of wool carpets

If stains appear on the wool carpet that are difficult or almost impossible to clean, you can also dye it. But don't have too high expectations. Stains will be less visible after applying a darker color. But they will not disappear completely.

Removing coffee and red wine stains

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