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Wall color ideas in orange - a fresh and inspiring color for all rooms

Wall color ideas in orange are a typical choice for people who are optimistic and like to enjoy life. In addition, it looks extremely modern. Orange wall paint can put you in a very good mood and will also boost your creativity and optimistic attitude.

Wall color ideas - the dining area looks great in orange

The variety offered by the wall color orange

The orange wall color has many different nuances. They all look very natural and are full of energy. The reason is that most are inspired by nature. We would like to give you a precise overview of this in the next few lines.

Wall color ideas in orange and white floor - create a nice color contrast in the kitchen

Light shades of orange make the room appear fresh and feminine

Select the right color nuance for the baby room

You are practically able to paint all the spaces in your room a different shade. The nature-inspired colors are all slightly different in mood and charisma. They can be romantic, inviting, but also seductive.

Add character to the living room with an orange accent wall

Spice up the orange living room with light blue furniture

Orange walls and white kitchen cabinets - an apt combination in the kitchen

An orange accent wall spices up the white kitchen

Orange brings joie de vivre into the baby's room

By choosing a different orange color for each room, you have a varied, creative and at the same time uniform appearance. You will offer yourself and your guests wonderful feelings of optimism and joie de vivre.


The nuance tangerine is now a classic choice for people who like the color of walls orange. She herself has many different nuances. They are not only associated with optimism and joie de vivre, but also with a high lifestyle. This is ensured by its long and interesting history. Tangerines used to be a very rare product. They come from China and there they were only allowed to be eaten by certain social classes.

Tangerine wall paint makes the living room look classy

Tangerine also has a special meaning in our own ancient history. The ancient gods of Rome and Greece wore clothes in this shade. With Tangerine you show that you and your outfit are of a very high standard.

Intense orange color

You can use an intense orange color at home and still spread a harmonious atmosphere in the apartment. Look to nature for inspiration. Intense, but at the same time upscale colors are typical for many objects there. The autumn leaves, the pumpkins and many fruits are colored in an intense orange tone. There are even animals that are bright orange in color.

Orange in bright color nuances conveys uniqueness to the room

Combine orange walls with brown curtains

pastel green and orange

Furthermore, we draw your attention to a particularly great and successful combination. It's about the mix of orange and pastel green. Play with the intensity and the nuances of the two main colors! They have many different variants, each more beautiful than the last.

Matching orange and other colors correctly

Green and orange are two colors that often occur together as a combination in nature. In light and pastel shades, they look a bit more applied, modern, elegant and don't lose their natural radiance.

Orange for strong contrasts

Think of a dark forest and some orange leaves or other objects of that color. The latter work as wonderful accents in a severe and contemplative context. Transfer this mood into your home by using the autumn leaves in the form of decorations introduce. Artwork on the wall, decorative pillows, etc. are appropriate.

Set accents in orange and pink

Pink and orange for pure romance

If there's a particularly romantic combination, it's pink and orange. Convince yourself. Combine these shades within a bouquet or a painting!

Emphasize bright orange walls with bright accents

Combine pastel colors with each other

For the home, we recommend the orange wall color in combination with as many pink accents as possible. For an even sunnier and happier character, we would combine with yellow. Continue to use brown accents to provide more balance.

Design a colorful children's room and select orange as the wall colour

Mild color design for the living room

Instead of orange walls, choose furniture in orange for the children's room

The right bed linen and the right carpet complement the children's room beautifully

Orange accent wall - A bold choice for the dining room

Living room ideas in bright tones

Bring the orange wall to the fore with matching carpet and furniture

Dark orange nuances are a bold interior solution

Orange textiles beautifully accentuate the orange bedroom wall

Elements in stark orange refresh the plain walls of the children's room

Girl's room with a warm aura

Combining orange and white in the bedroom

Warm tones clearly give the living room comfort

A light gray sofa looks cool against an orange wall

Orange can also make the room appear cozy

Combine orange with white

Designing an orange accent wall in the small living room

Furnishing the boys room in orange

Design the dining area in stark tones

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