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Garden design - A few suggestions with optical illusions that you will fall in love with

In this article we want to give you some very special ideas for garden design. They appear very different but all have the same purpose: they visually expand the small garden and balance its lateral proportions.

Garden design - create optical illusions in a small garden

Garden design - ideas with flowers everywhere

What are the requirements for a beautiful garden design?

A good garden design depends on many different factors. You have to consider the shape, the topography, the landscape design. Every irregularity, every unconventional shape must be carefully considered and included in the plan.

Modern garden design ideas with accents

When you plan your garden design, you have to think carefully about every detail. Above all, you should be familiar with the potential of optical illusions. They should work for you and according to your quest for unity and harmony.

Creating a fresh exterior

Tasty selection and combination of plants for outdoor use

Add depth and perspective to garden design!

You can make small gardens appear bigger by visually adding depth and perspective. You can achieve this by making the path appear narrower or wider at the end of the garden. Also, the trees and bushes that are closer to the house should be taller than those that are a little further from the building.

Planting beautiful bushes in the garden

Creating a beautiful garden path

Central pieces that attract everyone's attention!

The same as in the interior design Also, you can integrate accents and centerpieces into the Garden Design. They are fundamental if you want to create positive illusions.

Incorporate something spectacular in your garden that will catch the eye of all passers-by

Certain eye-catchers in the garden

Wonderful waterfalls are a great idea for outdoors

Climbing plants are a cool way to beautify the facade of a house

Let's stay with the center pieces. This can be tall trees, fountains, a small waterfall in the garden, etc. If you position them at the end of the garden, then all eyes will definitely be on them. This also makes the garden appear larger.

Decorate the garden waterfall with flowers

Dividing the garden into different levels

Different corners and variety of steps

Create different interesting garden designs by using the different corners in your yard. In addition, plant plants at different levels. All this makes for an interesting appearance. This is how you beautify your garden design in multiple ways.

Putting accents in the corners

Variety of levels in a modern garden

Disappearing elements and surprisingly emerging details

Make the garden look mystical and surprising. There are ready-made decorative elements that create exactly this effect. You can also create them yourself.

Provide a beautiful garden decoration

You can, for example, position a design element so that it is only visible from certain places in the garden. Try creating an interesting garden pond or incorporating details into your garden design that appear "out of nowhere". They bring some mysticism to your garden area. This will make your garden surprising and exciting. In small gardens you drive away boredom and the feeling of being cramped.

Segregate garden areas

The optical illusions are like that effective and romantic! Be careful not to get lost in it. Leave enough space between accents, centerpieces and other important elements. So everything not only appears broad and interesting, but also harmonious and balanced.

This green garden looks harmonious and noble

Designing the exterior in a harmonious way

Design colored exterior

Orderly garden with minimalist features

Beautify the small garden with lots of trees and flower pots

Designing the garden in the Japanese style

Decorate the garden

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