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Pakistani cuisine - an interesting cultural overview of the culinary arts in Pakistan

If you like exotic food, then you should definitely try Pakistani cuisine. This was heavily influenced by Arabic and Indian culture and cuisine. But that's not all. Pakistani cuisine has many idiosyncrasies. All of these influences result in a very interesting mixture that we would now like to present to you.

Where is Pakistan?


Strong, mostly hot spices characterize this cuisine. They make up a large part of the taste of the food. Even if only a few are exchanged, this changes very significantly.

Similar to Indian cuisine, many hot spices are used in Pakistan.

You must like spicy foods to enjoy them. A specific hot pepper is used. The one we know has a much too mild taste.

Typical spices in Pakistani cuisine

Other typical spices are turmeric, caraway, coriander, ginger. The spice mix Garam masala is also used. This contains coriander, cinnamon, ginger, cumin and green cardamom.

What ingredients and spices will you definitely need if you want to cook Pakistani dishes?


In Pakistan, no important meal is eaten without bread. Pakistanis eat something called roti bread. It is very he althy because it is made from whole grain flour. It looks like pita and it is baked in the oven or on a special hot plate.

Roti bread is the name of the typical bread in Pakistan, which is very similar to Indian bread

Pakistani bread

Popular foods

Biryani is probably the most popular dish in Pakistani cuisine. It is made from rice and veal or lamb. You need the spices coriander, cumin, Add red pepper, bay leaf. You also have to season with nutmeg, hot pepper and cardamom.

The Pakistani dish Biryani

Kitchari is another typical dish of Pakistani cuisine. This involves mixing red or yellow lentils with rice. To do this, take onions, tomatoes, a potato. Seasoned with cumin, ginger, curry, coriander, turmeric, nutmeg. The taste cannot be compared to anything else.

Kitchari - a dish with lentils and rice

Dishes from traditional Pakistani cuisine

Delicious desserts

Pakistani cuisine is not lacking in good desserts. They contain many of the spices found in common foods. They continue to use a lot of nuts, brown sugar and milk.

Pakistani dessert with pistachios and almonds


Most Pakistanis are Muslims. That's why they don't drink alcohol. A local variant of the Turkish Ayrans we know is widespread there. This yoghurt drink is sweet in the morning and s alty at lunchtime.

The refreshing yoghurt drink can be sweet or s alty

Mango Lassi

These are some typical examples from Pakistani cuisine. If you try these, you will be well acquainted with their taste. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but don't forget, there's a lot more to experiment with!

Lamb dish with chili and coriander

Pakistani dishes are served with rice and yoghurt

Spinach and chicken dish with bread

Dal Makhani - a delicious lentil dish with yoghurt

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