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So you can easily sew pillowcases

Being able to sew yourself is always of great benefit and it has many advantages for every housewife. For example, you can turn old clothes into new ones. In addition, you can cheaply tinker many things for your household. Let's assume you want to spice up your interior design with the latest color accents! You can immediately sew some new covers for the existing decorative pillows.

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You haven't really sewn anything yourself yet? Are you worried that it might be too late to start now? We don't think so! Sewing is not that difficult! Try starting with something simple. Sew some pillows yourself, which you will use to spice up the interior design!

We are happy to help you with the following tips

First choose colors and motifs!

First, of course, you have to decide which colors and fabrics to choose for the pillow sewing. It can be your favorite shades. Or you can choose colors that are typical for this season. This is how you contribute to making your interior design look particularly modern.

Would you like to put some motifs on the cushions? Plant patterns are super current in all areas of fashion and design this spring.

Women are happy about fabrics in pastel colors

Strong motifs and accents in delicate colors

Bold combination of fabric and faux leather in gold

Old or new fabrics

You can also use old fabrics for your cushions. For example, old T-shirts can be wonderfully transformed into pillowcases. It is important that you mostly opt for natural fabrics. This way the contents of the pillow are better aerated and this is good for your he alth. By using natural substances, allergies can be avoided.

Patchwork cushions are a clever DIY idea. Combine colored residues

Measure the proportions well

Next, you need to accurately measure the size of the pillows. Accordingly, you need the right amount of fabric to sew the pillowcases.

Inner and outer cover

The cushions have an inner and an outer cover. The inner one is of course invisible. That's why you can use old and even used fabrics for it.

Find detailed instructions online

The images and tips in this article are intended to encourage you to sew pillowcases. Actually, even pillow sewing is not that complicated. With all of this basic information in mind, you can move on to the practical process.

The best thing to do is search the Internet for suitable video tutorials on this topic. Check out some.

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It may be that not everything works perfectly from the first moment. For this reason, you should have a pillow or two to experiment with. It is important that you have patience! Be prepared that you may have to learn a little more before you can successfully sew a pillow yourself.

But it's worth the effort! You will always be able to spice up your own design with new and new pillow projects.

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