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Table decoration blue - 90 beautiful ideas for a stylish festive atmosphere

There are some special occasions in the calendar of family celebrations, which are held in a romantic, elegant, upscale and harmonious atmosphere. These are primarily weddings, engagements, baptisms and anniversaries.

Table decoration Blue is elegant and looks good

Blue is such a color that combines all of these properties. It is therefore often chosen, together with gold and white, in such cases. In recent years, blue seems to be more and more preferred to the other two options for table decorations. Maybe it's because she always seems somehow harmonious and never too tiring.

Blue layer - base or supplement

In the beginning you have to make this basic decision - should blue be used as the main layer or as a complement in the table decoration? The effect is equally strong in both cases and it depends on the context what would be better in your case. We recommend the blue background if the ambience is simple and should be refined by the table decoration.

Blue table decoration - combine shades of blue

Spice up the blue tablecloth with colored flowers

But if you have a beautiful and dominant room design or you are spending the party out there in nature, then the blue color should rather enhance its effect. Otherwise there is a kind of competition between ambience and table decoration and that makes the whole thing really stressful.

The cake

Almost every one of the events listed has a cake on the daily schedule. It stands somewhere in the middle of the room and becomes the center of the table decoration. It would probably not be a bad idea to let these serve as the center of the blue table concept.

The cake itself can be a decoration

Cakes can tell fairy tales…

Whether blue is the main or accent nuance depends on the situation. The light blue on white is great for weddings and christenings where the symbolism of the purity of new beginnings should dominate. Cake in light blue would have the same effect. Here, we would recommend delicate white deco like this one that mimics lace. Besides the cake, you can also make certain other desserts or dishes in blue.

Sweets as table decorations

Dark blue table decoration

The dark blue table decoration is "heavier" and more dominant. It emphasizes the noble character of the festival. The aspect of romance and the beginning of the nineth move into the background purely symbolically. Dark blue looks rustic, traditional, you could even say conservative. Can you feel it yourself from the displayed examples below?

Blue and white look stylish together

Yellow tulips refresh the dark blue tablecloth

Dark blue blankets made of fine fabric are a very successful choice for the wedding table decoration. The white elements really come into their own on this.

For an even more refined effect, we would add off-white elements and other more original and modern shades of white.

Silver, candles and everything that brings a little more shine and at the same time keeps the neutrality is also welcome with the dark blue table decoration.

Blue candles give a feminine mood

Natural Elements in Blue

Flowers and blossoms in blue always make an occasion more festive. They can be used as the main color or as an accent. Natural blue decorative elements complement the artificial ones, such as candles or candlesticks.

What occasion would you celebrate in blue? Maybe you just want to turn a supposedly normal dinner into something very special with Table Decoration Blue.

Decorate the table with blue flowers

Choosing blue as the theme of the garden party

Combine pastel nuances

Spring decoration for the table

Festive table decoration with blue elements

Decorate the table with blue and yellow

Blue tablecloth refresh with colored glasses

The table decoration looks elegant in blue

Select blue crockery

Creating color contrast on the table

Combine white tablecloth with blue table runner

Blue is a stylish color for festive table decorations

Combine white tablecloth with blue napkins

Red flowers spice up the blue crockery

Blue sweets as a table decoration

Decorate the festive table for the children's party in blue

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