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Cruise Travel - Treat yourself to a great holiday

The cruise industry had more than 23 million customers in just the last year. Nine new companies are entering the market this year. But what makes the cruises so popular and in demand? Is it really a good idea to have two or three weeks off? You wouldn't have to blindly fall into the trap of the tourist industry, of course! Take a more critical look at the Cruise Travel! They have advantages, but also disadvantages that must be taken into account.

Cruise trips give the beautiful opportunity to enjoy wonderful views

Cruise travel - experience unforgettable moments with your favorite person

Cruise Industry News

Cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger. They offer more and more space and the tourist service there is constantly improving and reaching higher and higher levels.

Travel around the world and get rich

A cruise trip is a real experience in itself

Just select your travel destination and get on your way

A large cruise ship is a kind of attraction

At the same time, another trend is developing. There is a new line of cruise ships that are smaller and therefore more exclusive in every respect.

Different cruise ships offer different conditions

Sea sickness

Most modern cruise ships are very stable. In addition, there is always a well-trained medical staff. If you're particularly prone to seasickness, book one more midship cabin if possible.

Enjoy the cruise together with your favorite person

Relaxing on deck

For your first cruise trip you could opt for a quieter route. Such are usually the northern voyages in the direction of Alaska or the Norwegian fjords.

A cruise to Alaska is an exciting experience

Private veranda - is it worth it?

Almost everyone covets the idea of a private porch. This luxury costs significantly more than the ocean view cabin. It's really doubtful whether it's worth it or whether you'd rather spend your money on something else.

Thinking through your own preferences

You now have a wonderful view of the azure sea water and the wide horizon on most cruise ships even from the inner cabins.

Lie in the sun in the open sea

Do all cruise lines offer all-inclusive service?

Most of the time, cruise ships offer all-inclusive service. But you should look carefully at what your offer includes. In some cases, low prices can be explained by the fact that they are doing without some services.

Take lots of photos during the trip

Have a cool vacation

Discover new geographic regions

There are always new destinations for cruise travel. New are those that lead to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Do you want to book one soon?

Taking a cruise trip with the family

Visit New Zealand by boat

Taking a cruise towards Asia

Australia is a beautiful and interesting travel destination

Enjoying the tranquility of the open sea

Discover new travel destinations

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