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Fashion giants fund renewal of major tourist attractions in Italy

In Italy, fashion houses are heavily involved in the protection of monuments. This is probably mainly due to the fact that these companies are aware of the importance of the sights in Italy for their own image.

Fendi fashion house restores Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi Fountain was recently restored. We use this as an opportunity to tell you more about the commitment of the fashion brands. Furthermore, we include beautiful pictures of these and other well-preserved sights in Italy. Maybe a trip to Italy during the Advent season would be just right for you! What do you think of this idea?

Legendary treasures of culture can be preserved with the help of fashion houses

2013 Fendi, one of the biggest Italian fashion brands, also followed these benevolent examples. The company publicly announced that it is investing $2.5 million in the renovation of the Trevi Fountain. With this, Fendi shows a serious commitment to preserving the monuments in Rome.

One of the oldest shopping malls in Milan cooperates with Prada and Versace

Heritage and luxury clothing in one

About the restoration

The restoration started from the central part of the fountain, encompassed the sides and ended with the renewal of the upper part of the Trevi Fountain. The works involved various aspects, including the renovation of the marble statues. These, as well as the travertine, were cleaned as a precaution. The pool's water supply and drainage systems have been retested. The gilded Latin inscriptions continued to be replaced.

TOD's is also aiming for a high level in the restoration of the Coliseum

Prada and Versace support the restoration of the Vittorio Emanuelle II gallery in Milan

Last year, Prada and Versace made large donations for the restoration of the Milanese Gallery Vittorio Emanuelle II made. The building is characterized by its fine and particularly light arcades made of glass and iron. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Milan Cathedral. This was built in honor of the last Italian king in 1865.

The famous fountain of Rome can finally show its new face

History linked Prada and the gallery back in 1913. That was when the company's first store opened. This happened 30 years before the monument was destroyed in World War II. In 2013, Prada opened another menswear store. It was right across from the historic store that opened in the 1920's. By the way, this one is still open.

Beautiful views from Rome

Soon after the opening of the new Prada store, this one from Versace followed. It is also centrally located in Rome.

Both companies joined forces and raised the necessary investment for the restoration of the historic building. This involves the renovation of an area of 14,000 m². The renovation consisted mainly in cleaning the facade from the accumulated layers of dust that hid its true beauty. This was done using special materials and by well-prepared specialists. The company that was commissioned with this task has been dealing with restorations for more than 150 years.

The splendor of Rome even at night

The stucco ornaments and figures were then repainted

The restoration is still not complete. The glass ceiling was restored in 2016.

Zegna and Giorgo Armani donate to the Italian Foundation for the Protection of Monuments.

The FAI - Fondo per l'AmbienteItaliano, the Italian foundation for the protection of monuments and nature, has been sponsored twice by Zegnas and Giorgio Armani. More specifically, they invested in the restoration of Villa Necchi and the Abbey of San Fruttuoso near Portofino. Thus, these two companies also campaigned for the preservation of the sights in Italy.

Villa Necchi is located in Milan. The building was erected in 1932 and belonged to a well-known Italian socialist family Necchi. It was owned by two sisters. The architect of the work is Piero Portaluppi. This building is characteristic of Italian rationalism. It is one of the most famous Italian villas built in the city in the 20th century. Thanks to the support of Zegna and Giorgio Armani, the building could be restored by the Italian monument protection and made available to the public.

In addition to the large restoration campaign, there were also other projects that achieved the reconstruction of the same building and the Italian lifestyle of the time. A significant art object was created for each room. It represents the lifestyle of the two sisters in a modern way. This project was realized with the help of many fashion companies including Alessi and Nodus.

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