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Lose weight through proper nutrition

The way we lose weight is very individual. As well as many other things. There are of course some main rules, but you should adapt them to your specific needs.

One seldom loses unwanted kilos through starvation.

The best way to lose weight is with the right diet. Did you already know that? Even if you have firmly decided that you will really do fasting for a few days, you should prepare your body for it.

Diet that leads to weight loss

Top 10 foods for weight loss diet

We have selected ten different products for you. They're particularly apt for months like January and February, as they're delicious, warm, and uplifting in those otherwise very gloomy mid-winter months. At the same time, they will automatically lead to weight loss.

Full of fiber and other he althy dietary fibre, apples will help you lose weight

You can combine them with a little nuts and honey. Apples are great for “small hunger” meals, when you’re always tempted to eat way too much.

Nuts and honey - he althy and low in calories

Combine with citrus fruits

Eggs are always suitable for weight loss nutrition

They give us a lot of protein without containing a lot of calories. In this way, they ensure in the best possible way that we remain full and slim at the same time. The organic eggs are recommended, it is good to find out more about them.

Preparing fried eggs with little fat

Cauliflower - diet and weight loss are also very closely linked

Cauliflower and all vegetables that do not contain starch are very important when losing weight through proper nutrition would like to. Furthermore, the high percentage of vitamin C contained here is also of fundamental importance.

Cauliflower and broccoli with lemon and garlic

Hot cauliflower soup for the cold season

Low-fat yoghurt

Muesli with yoghurt and fruit

A delicious fruit salad with yoghurt

Low-fat yoghurt could even be the basis of the diet that leads to weight loss for a while. Also, consuming yogurt contributes a lot to your good he alth!

Would you like to lose weight by eating soups and fish?

This is definitely a very good variant for the winter time. But you should focus more on the clear bullions and less on the fat.

It's the same with the fish dishes! Fish can be eaten in the form of soup. All other types of fish dishes are also very he althy and tasty. You should combine different things so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Grilled fish with lemon and thyme

Clear broth with meat and parsley

Colourful vegetable soup

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